Blog It: Setting Realistic Writing Goals



You only have so many hours in a day. If you have a day job, your time is even more restricted.  Your job is non-negotiable. Your sleep time is non-negotiable. That leaves your leisure time.

How do you spend it?





Something in your leisure time has to go to make room for your writing.  What is more important to you, the internet, or your writing time? If it is your writing, you will make time for it.


Carve out block of writing time throughout the day. Small writing block are easier to manage than one large block of time.

When to Post

Do you want to post on Monday or Friday? Pick a day that works for you. If you don’t work over the weekend, then pick Friday. If the weekend is prime writing time for you, then pick Monday.

Blog Topics

Not sure what to blog about? Do a Google search of blog topics. Keep a list of blog topics on file so you will always have ideas at hand.

15 Popular Blog Topics

1. The inspiration for your current WIP.

2. An author who inspires you.

3. The moment you decided to be a writer.

4. How to deal with stress.

5. When is the best/worst time to write?

6. Review a book that you have read.

7. Fiction: Share your character’s back-story.

8. What do you struggle with as a writer?

9. Write a movie review.

10. Your favorite book growing up.

11. The most valuable writing tips that you have gathered.

12. Who is your writing hero?

13. Fiction: What struggles does your character face?

14. What is your writing ritual?

15. A list of blogger that you follow.

Set a Blogging schedule

You’ve set your priorities

You have a list of blog topics

You’ve carved out writing time

Set your post day and stick to it. Be consistent, your followers will expect it. You can type your blog posts ahead of time, and save them as a drafts. Then, you can publish as needed. You can avoid writers block with your pre-made list of topics. You will never be at a loss for words.


You’ve done all the pre-planning, now write! Be consistent with your schedule. Write daily to get in the habit. Actual writing is the only way to get better at writing. Now go, write, and may the words fly from your fingertips.


About Willow Renner

I am a writer of three series. YA Dystopian, Sci-Fi, YA Paranormal Fantasy, and YA/NA Apocalyptic fiction. I also blog articles for Struggling Writers. Check me out at:

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